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For Chinese mainland authors, please use the attached paper registration form “KSS2015_registration_form_CN”to register your paper.  For authors out of China, please fill the attached paper registration form “KSS2015_registration_form_EN”.  The registration form should be mail to kss2015@xidian.edu.cn before 11:00 am on September 15, 2015.

One author of each accepted full paper submission must register for the conference before the 15th September, 2015 in order for the final paper version to appear in the conference proceedings.    

About registration fee:
As indicated in the acceptance letter, your paper is "conditionally" accepted before you pay the registration fee. Only after we get the proof of payment, your  paper will be published by JAIST Press.

Registration Payment

General Author                            


Conference Fee A


(RMB2000 yuan)/person                            

USD 280                            

(RMB1800 yuan)/person                            

Conference Fee B


(RMB 1000 yuan) /person                            


(RMB800 yuan)/person                            

The author who is the representative of the accepted paper, should make oral presentation at the conference and pay the registration fee according to the standard of 'Conference Fee A '. Others should pay the registration fee according to the standard of ' Conference Fee B'.
For authors out of China, we'll accept cash for payment at the conference venue.
For Chinese mainland authors, please transfer the registration fee to the following account :

账号:6113 0113 5018 0004 7880 3
Conference Fee covers all academic activities by KSS 2015 and a half-day social event. NOT including

accommodation and transportation expenses.
Deadline for paying the registration fee is September 20, 2015.

特别提醒:由于收款账号为公共账号,请您缴费时务必备注:“文章编号+经管院KSS 国际会议缴费。如无备注我们将视为未缴费。缴费后请将您的缴费凭证扫描发送至kss2015@xidian.edu.cn

Thanks for your support.

Looking forward to seeing you in Xi’an !

With kindest regards,

Rong Du (Xidian University, China)
PC Chair of KSS2015


Contact person:

If you have any inquiries regarding registration or your registration status, please contact    

Meng Cai    

E-mail: kss2015@xidian.edu.cn    

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The 16th International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences September 24-26, 2015, Xi’an, China, xi/an, China | Support by XI'AN JULI