The conference will be held in the south campus of Xidian University                          

Address:266 Xinglong Section of Xifeng Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710126, China                          

     The 24 September, Morning                          

   Admin Building (行政楼)     Openning Ceremony & Keynote Speech                      

      The 24 September, Afternoon                          

   Adamin Building (行政楼)    Parallel Sessions                    

      The 25 September, Morning        

   Admin Building (行政楼)      Keynote Speech

The 25 September, Afternoon        

   Admin Building (行政楼)      Parallel Sessions

The 26 September, Morning        

  Social Event


To see the 3D map of XiDian,click http://map.xidian.edu.cn      



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The 16th International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences September 24-26, 2015, Xi’an, China, xi/an, China | Support by XI'AN JULI